AiR 2022 / Alexandra Alissa Novitchkova

OFFCITY responded to the current situation in Ukraine and, through the Art-in-res platform, it offered its residential space and modest support to artists and theorists fleeing Ukraine. Alexandra Alissa Novitchkova, a political scientist and human rights activist, has become our guest.

Alexandra Alissa Novitchkova is a political scientist and a human rights defender. Her primary interest is a political philosophy with a focus on the roles of ideologies and narrations in societies as well as feminism and decolonisation. Currently, she is a PhD student at the Metropolitan University of Toronto. As well, she works with numerous human rights NGOs since the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine.


The residency programme OFFCITY AiR 2022 is realized thank to the financial support of Pardubice. Thank you!