AiR 2023 / Graffiti Motion Bingo

urban game 
Saturday, December 16, 2023 @ 2pm 
GAMPA – City Gallery Pardubice, Automatic Mills, Pardubice

Welcome to Graffoti Motion Bingo. This game is not played at the table, but in the urban space, through which the players move. The playing field is the streets of the city covered with graffiti. To play, you need at least three hours of time, and a digital photo tool.

Graffitimuseum (DE) is a collaboration of three artists, Aljoscha Begrich, Jo Preußler and Stefan Reuter, who have been working on the phenomenon of graffiti since 2001. From 2022 they map Pardubice graffiti. They end their artistic exploration with this urban play.

Download Graffiti Motion Bingo

Artists-in-residency program OFFCITY AiR 2023 is realised with the financial support of the of the National Renewal Plan and the statutory town of Pardubice. Thank you!