T 25 / Craig Shepard: Silent Walk

silent walk
Saturday, October 26, 2019 from 10am
meeting point: GAMPA, Příhrádek 5, Pardubice

Silent, cell-phone-free walk, lead by Craig Shepard. By committing to each other to keep silence, a group creates a bubble of stillness which moves through the urban landscape. Let go of the need to consider where you are going. Focus simply on where you are. Enjoy a new experience of the town where you live.

Craig Shepard is an american composer, trombonist and sound artist, who makes music related to stillness. His projects include On Foot: Switzerland (2005), On Foot: Brooklyn (2012), or Trumpet City. In Switzerland, he walked 250 miles. Every day he composed a new piece, wrote it down and performed it. In Brooklyn, he walked everywhere he went. For each of 13 weeks, he composed a new piece and each Sunday, he led a silent, cell-phone free walk to a different location in Brooklyn and performed the piece he composed that week outdoors in a public space. Trumpet City is a 60 minute live-installation of 18 or more trumpets performing outdoors in a public space.