T 31 / Graffiti & Pardubice: How to read graffiti of Pardubice

Offcity trip with art collective Graffiti Museum from Berlin

Friday, December 16, 2022 from 2pm 
meeting point: Pardubice Railway Station, 4th platform


How to read graffiti of Pardubice?

Graffitimuseum (DE) is a collaboration of three artists, Aljoscha Begrich, Jo Preußler and Stefan Reuter, who have been working on the phenomenon of graffiti since 2001. Each work of Graffitimuseum starts with walking through the urban environment and finding, deciphering and reading the so called „total text“ of graffiti. This special text is eternal and ephemeral at the same time. An unknown number of anonymous authors is daily, nightly working on it, as well as censorship and vanishing belongs to the text’s characteristics. The text is international and multilingual but also local and always site specific. With this material – which has always both: an aesthetic and a political dimension – Graffitimuseum is working in two main sections: „Myth“ and „Material“.

We thank the statutory town of Pardubice for the financial support.