AiR 2023 / Nežka Zamar (SI) & Orhan “aib” Kavrakoğlu (TR)

Artist-in-residency project "A Soundwalk", which works with stories connected to specific places in Pardubice.

April 17–30, 2023

A Soundwalk is a traveling project realized by artist duo Nežka Zamar & Orhan "aib" Kavrakoğlu. It focuses on collecting stories connected to their specific locations in different cities. The project aims to include stories coming from diverse cultural backgrounds, merging them into one cityscape. With a collection and redistribution of shared stories in a given territory, A Soundwalk preserves a part of the untangible heritage that would otherwise fall at the bottom in the hierarchy of preservation. The stories are of site-specific nature – related to a certain location within the given geographical area – where it can then be listened to through the QR code scanning. Thus it allows the listener to visualise an unmaterialized image and enter and emphatize with someone else’s imagery. The stories are then collected into a booklet, and each of them is accompanied by a documentary photograph of its location, its coordinates, and its QR code. A part of published booklets of each chapter is kept in the artists’ archive with the aim to later create a collection of cities, unifying all the chapters in one final edition. So far A Soundwalk, Chapter I has been created, presented, and published in Košice, Slovakia, with the support of Anna Lindh Foundation, the European Union and the Slovak Arts Council. The artists are currently working on Chapter II in Pardubice, Czech Republic, in collaboration and with the support of OFFCITY Pardubice art residency.


The first stage of Chapter II was conducted during a residency period starting on April 16, 2023, and took place between the Offcity art studio and various locations in Pardubice through on-site work. With the opportunity of a fully funded stay and cu- ratorial, as well as organizational support, the artists were able to familiarize with the cultural and georaphical area, set course for the project, and conclude its initial faze. Within the two-week time frame, contact establishment and location scouting took place, followed by interviews, talks, and individual appointments. One-on-one meet ups with participants were organized in order to record their stories on specific locations. The locations were then separately visited to be professionally photographed, and mapped with their exact coordinates. Currently the artists are working on editing the collected audio and photo material, creating what will become a final soundscape and publication. In close collaboration with the residency coordinators, the artists are preparing a final presentation of the project A Soundwalk, Chapter II, that will take place in Pardubice in the coming months.

"On a personal note, as artists in residency and temporary Pardubice locals, we would like to sincerely thank the OFFCITY team for the uncanny combination of friendliness and professionality that made the realization of the project possible. We would also like to thank each and every participant that trusted us with their thoughts and stories, and are looking forward to continuing with the collaboration and the project."

Artists-in-residency program OFFCITY AiR 2023 is realised with the financial support of the of the National Renewal Plan and the statutory town of Pardubice. Thank you!