AiR online / Ł/uszko (PL)

Introducing participants in the Offcity online residency programme.

Ł/uszko (PL)

  • "Ł/uszko is a combination of two polish words - bed - łóżko, and little ear - uszko. The platform, created by Marta Kaczmarek, Weronika Zalewska and Aleksandr Porakh, wishes to give space to adult bedtime stories. Collecting short recordings in the diversity of voices and topics, we try create a common space to exercise imagination and experience presence (with a pinch of surprise that takes us out of our own thematic bubbles).  Through our collective practice, we somehow test the possibility for the sensuous and the personal in the digital space; and we weave it through small gestures. During Offcity residency, we wish to re-visit the notions of the city and the community while wandering and wondering through the circular shapes of our ears. How can strangers gift each other a sense of intimacy, and educate one another in a more intuitive way?"