AiR online / Stratocluster (CZ)

Introducing participants in the Offcity online residency programme.

Stratocluster (CZ)

  • "Stratocluster is an ensemble for multimedia improvisation, which with the Dispersed Orchestra project leaves time unity for the first time and embarks on the adventures of temporal and spatial dislocation. Spontaneous improvisation, but at a distance and with distance. New layers by every contributor are stored in shared folders. The sound is in the centre, but not alone - video, text, pictures, instructions can also be added ... By inviting individual actors who invite other actors, a viral network is created."

Stratocluster is: Ian Mikyska, Mikuláš Mrva, Jan Kulka, Jan Faix, Tomáš Mika, Marcel Bárta, Luan Gonçalves, Ondřej Komárek, Milan Jakeš, Lucie Páchová, and Prokop Jelínek.